Friday May 09, 2014 at the Shimmy by the Sea Show. Port Royal Ballroom, Mustang Island/Padre Island., Port Aransas/Corpus Christi, Texas,   Show starts at 7pm.  Registration and music must be received by April 10.. Prizes are $100 for 1st place and a trophy,  $50 for 2nd place and a trophy, and  3rd place  a trophy.    The first place winner will be awarded 2014 Dancers by the Sea Champion Contest Winner. There will also be an audience choice award voted on Friday and awarded on Saturday.
Music will not be 3 to 4  minutes. It must be Middle Eastern music.     No live music for competition.     Judges will  be announced  the night of the show.
​Contest Rules
Tribal or cabaret.  Must use Middle Eastern   music, no live musicians.
Please send music via email or CD before April 10, 2014.
Contestants can be students to professional
Must be 15 years of age or older to participate.
Open to male and female contestants.
​ All contestants must fill out registration form.
Registration fee is $35.00 per dancer.  All contestants must take at least one full day of workshops at Shimmy by the Sea and it must be paid by April 15 or you will lose your spot And go on the wait-list. No Refunds..
If dancer is not ready to dance when announced, 20 points will be deducted from score.
You can pay your registration fee by eventbrite but both payment and competition registration must be received.  You will receive by email your acceptance to contest.
      All performances must be family and child appropriate.
DVD and photos will be available for purchase.
No fire or incense will be allowed.
Original Choreography ​ Props are allowed.

Judging Criteria
  1 __________ Costuming..  The costume must be appropriate to the music and style of the dance.  It must be in good condition, (veil not wrinkled,)  Costume must fit well.  Appropriate attention to hair, makeup, jewelry,  feet..
​ 2  ___________ Music Interpretation.. Does the dancer feel the music and create a total mood

​ 3____________ Technique:   How well do the dancers perform each move, entrance and exit, keeping props off the main floor after using them,  using the stage as a whole, isolations, music changes
4 ________________-Did they use the stage well?  Was the choreography interesting?
  5 _____________ Stage Presence.. How well do they engage the audience?  Does the audience respond to them and not just friends clapping for friends?  Does the dancer only dance for herself/himself?.  How are the facial expressions, do they include the audience by their warmth.  Do they create a presence on stage?  Are their facial expressions alike?  
​     6_____________ Total performance.  Is the dancer skilled in different steps.  Are they too busy and try to do too much in a short time but yet  show enough variety?   

    No. 7 ____________ Is this dancer a champion?. 
   8 ______________ Technique:   How well does dancer perform each move, entrance and exit, keeping props off the main floor after using them,  using the stage as a whole, isolations, music changes
​      The above are 0 to 10 points each .



Name of Dance Troupe____________________________

Type of Dance ___________________________________

Style of Dance__________________________________



phone number________________________________________________________

email and website_________________________________________________________

How many dancing in group ____________________________________________________---

Please remember to email or mail  your music before April 10.___________________________________________________________

Props? _______________________________________________________________________--